Sunflower Seeds Toast

Ingredients                               %                   kg.g


Bread Flour                               50                    500

Angel Sugar-tolerance Instant Dry Yeast         0.5                   5

Egg Yolk                                  40                    400

Milk                                      20                    200


Bread Flour                                50                    500

Berry Sugar                                12                     120

Salt                                       1.8                    18

Whole Egg                                 10                     100

Angel Sugar-tolerance Instant Dry Yeast          1.2                    12

Angel A500 Bread Improver                    0.3                      3

Milk                                       10                      100

Honey                                      10                     100

Melon Seeds                                 50                      500

Bakerdream Margarine                         30                      300

Total                                                              2858

Making Procedures

Dough making: ferment the sponge for 3- 4 hours, and then mix it with materials of the dough till the dough is fully developed, finally slowly add baked melon seeds and mixed with the dough evenly.

Dividing the dough and rolling it into round shape: 200g per portion, 5 portions per strip of the bread, then rest for 15 minutes.

After fermenting is finished, brush the whole egg on the surface and make five diagonal cuts with scissors.

Baking temperature: 170℃/ 190℃

Baking time: 35 minutes

soft textus, fragrance from the fermenting of the sponge

dough and rich nutrition of sunflower seeds, all these bring

you plenty of enjoyment.


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