Pooledo Toast

Ingredients % kg.g
Bread Flour 100 1000
Angel Sugar-tolerance 1.5 15
Instant Dry Yeast
Milk 50 500
Granulated Sugar 20 200
Milk Powder 5 50
Soft Chocolate 5 50
Salt 2 20
Egg 10 100
Coffee 1.5 15
Bakerdream Margarine 15 150
Bread Softening Agent 2 20
Angel A500 Bread Improver 0.3 3
Dough making:
When the wheat gluten is developed by 80%, add the butter and the softening agent slowly and stir them at high speed till the dough is fully developed.
Dough temperature: 26-28℃
Weight of the divided dough: 150g per portion
Resting the dough: 15minutes
Shaping and putting the dough in a mold: 3 pieces of bread in a mole

After the fermenting is finished, bake the bread, and then brush the whole egg and sprinkle almond slices on the surface for decoration.
Baking temperature: 160℃/190℃
Baking time: 35minutes
With longitudinal extention of textus, the bread has soft fibre when being torn and tastes fine and
sweet with fragrant
Flavor of milk.


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