Selection of Angel Bread Formula


Content Introduction:

This book contains varieties of bread that Angel baking technique team has researched and developed for Chinese baking market, covering continental health bread, French loaf and multiple styles of bread which are popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The book combines the Angel bakers’ arduous creation and thought on the development of Chinese baking industry, which provides much reference for improving the level of bread making technique in Chinese baking industry. The key materials used in this book are provided by Angel Company.


Editor, photographer and decoration designer: Jonathan Xu

The copyright of this formula book belongs to Angel Yeast Limited Liability Company, piracy is not permitted.



American Whuachi Stollen—————————————–05

Pumpkin Stollen——————————————————06

Pooledo Toast———————————————————09

Sunflower Seeds Toast———————————————10

Soft French Ham with Cheese————————————13

White Toast————————————————————14

Bamboo Charcoal Stollen——————————————17

Mungbean Toast——————————————————18

Sturgeon Pastry——————————————————-21

Walnut Banana Cake————————————————22

Dill Weed & Cheese————————————————-25

Sinong Bread———————————————————-26

Bacon Roll Bread—————————————————–29

Banana Brace Bread————————————————30

Haman Toxiu Stollen————————————————-33

Brown Rice Stollen—————————————————34

Danish Croissant—————————————————–37

Multi grain croissant————————————————-38


Whole Wheat Bagle—————————————————42

Sour Dough French Baguettes/Roll——————————-45

Black Pepper Bacon Bread—————————————–46


Walnut Pie—————————————————————50

Corn Bread with Pumpkin Seeds and Cheese—————–53

King Grain Bread/Rol————————————————-54

Rye Bread with Raisin————————————————57

Whole Wheat Linseed Toast—————————————-58

Cream Walnut Roll—————————————————-61

Christmas Stollen——————————————————62

Puff Pastry—————————————————————65

Apple Pastry Pocket————————————————–66

Yellow Peach Pie——————————————————69

New Zealand Bread—————————————————70

Appendix: Introduction to Angel Yeast Co., Ltd

Introduction to Angel Baking and Flour Fermenting Technology Training Centre, Introduction to the Training Courses


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