Nutritional Yeast Powder

Product overview:

Nutritional yeast powder is rich in nutrients, including 40% to 50% protein, a variety of Vitamin Bs, 30% to 35% dietary fiber, and a variety of mineral elements. Nutritional yeast powder takes the saccharomyces cerevisiae as the main raw material; it is not only directly edible, but also is supplement for various foods.

Nutritional yeast produced by molasses is different from the ordinary beer yeast as it uses the bacteria which is pure and can be eaten directly. The by-products which called beer yeast is a kind of residue of beer production, which includes yeast residue, malt residue, hops residue, etc. In the past, the beer yeast is used for making feed, and now it is only used for protein supplement in the human nutrition area.

Beer yeast is produced in the process of beer fermentation; the general fermentation level in the beer production is 5-6. After fermentation the yeast is aging, the cell wall is going to be thicker and harder, if not been broken, even though the better nutrition cannot be absorbed by the intestine. The degree of absorption and utilization of nutritional yeast which produced by molasses is higher than that of beer yeast.

The beer yeast is only after the simple cleaning, so the bitterness of hops cannot be removed. Some manufacturers even use chemical reagents to get rid of the bitterness, so the real natural and nutritional are gone; the products are even with side-effects. However, the nutritional yeast is without any chemical reagents, it has its own color and flavor, and tastes very good.


The main function:

Angel Nutritional Yeast is rich in nutrition and can enhance the immunity and is anti-aging;

Nutritional yeast contains the necessary nutrients just to meet dieters, so nutritional yeast can be used as weight-loss meal replacement;

Angel Nutritional Yeast in dietary fiber can improve bowel function, promote digestion, and relieve constipation.

Products features:

Nutritional yeast is rich in quality protein, Vitamin Bs, essential trace elements and functional dietary fiber;

The nutrient content ratio of Angel Nutritional Yeast is consistent with the requirements of the human body’s optimal nutrition, so nutrition is very balanced;

Angel Yeast Nutrition Powder is a natural, pollution-free source of healthy nutrition which is free from artificial colors, preservatives, and hormones.


Angel Nutritional Yeast powder can be used for a variety of foods, such as: snack foods, diet food, convenient staple food, biscuits, drinks, fruit juice, the major raw materials in flour, or the raw material enhancement;

Nutritional yeast can be used for healthy food ingredients; it also can be used to enhance immunity, anti-aging, weight loss, health food for regulation blood lipids and functional food;

Package specification:

Packaging varies and can be customized. Aluminum foil packaging 5kg×2 bags/unit packaging is available and 1kg\5kg\10kg\ sample packaging can also be manufactured according to customer’s needs.

Package size: standard carton size: 510 × 230 × 170 (mm)

Container Packing: One container can load 1730 units (17.3 tons)

Product code: 85000020

Preservation and quality guarantee period: This product is easy to preserve and should be stored in a cool dry place; the quality guarantee period is 2 years.

Certification: This product has certifications of ISO 9001:2000, OHS,ISO22000:2005

How to Buy / be an Agent / Distributor of Angel Nutritional Yeast:

Tel: +86-717-6369520


Skype :hunterhang,lee-liyong


Nutrition indicators (average per 100g nutritional yeast contains nutrients)

Items Index
Protein 50g
Vitamin B1 2mg
Vitamin B2 2mg
Zinc 25mg
Iron 25mg
Moisture,% ≤6
Ash,% ≤8
As,mg/kg ≤1.0
Pb,mg/kg ≤1.5
Total plate count, cfu/g ≤10,000
Coli form, MPN/100g  ≤30



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