Cramlque bread


Ingredients                                       %                        kg.g

Bread Flour                                       100                      744

Milk                                             50                       327

Whole Egg                                        12                       89

Angel Sugar-tolerance                               2                         15

Instant Dry Yeast

Granulate Sugar                                    10                        74

Salt                                              2                         15

Sponge                                           20                        149

Preserved Apple                                    8                         60

Orange Peel                                       8                         60

Bakerdream Fine Cream                             15                        112

Bakerdream Margarine                              15                         112

Total                                             242                       1800


Dough making: After the dough is fully developed, add preserved apple and orange peel at slow speed and mix them evenly.

Dough temperature: 26-28℃

Basic fermentation: temperature of 28℃,humidity of 75-80%,time of 60 minutes

Dough dividing and shaping: divide the dough into 450g per portion, make three fold and rest for 15 minutes, roll the dough, mould it into shape and proff.

Before baking, brush the whole egg and make cuts with a knife on the surface.

Baking temperature:150℃/200℃

Baking time: 30minutes

The product is fashionable in France and rich in nutrition. You should not miss the delicious bread with unique flavor!


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