Exclusive interview with Board ChairmanYu

from Asia Pacific Food Industry

1. What makes the company stand out from other competitors?

The company’s growth is fuelled largely by three aspects. Firstly, the rapid growth of the Chinese economy and a good domestic environment for enterprise development helps to drive the company forward.

Secondly, the company directs a great deal of attention towards technological progress. As a result, a large number of highly competitive products are developed, such as sugar-tolerant instant dry yeast, super alcohol active dry yeast, selenium yeast 2000, and yeast glucan.

Finally, our marketing activities are centred on market orientation and profit seeking for customers, which are also core values of the employees.

2. Could you share with us more on your R&D activities?

Research and design activities for products and technology application are dedicated to improving the quality of life by providing natural, nutritious and healthy food ingredients.

The business prospects result from many our research projects. An example is the aluminium-free leavening agent project, which was used to solve aluminium problems in Youtiao (Chinese fried dough stick).

Additionally, the yeast extract meets the market demand in Clean Label EU and the salt-reduction trend.

3. What are the trends that we can expect to see from the baking industry within the next 5 years?

In future, we can expect more in the development of products based on health. Through co-operation with the other players in the industry, together we can promote product diversity, spread the concept of healthy living, and promote progress in technology.

In order to keep up with this trend, we will always adhere to the idea ‘natural, nutrition & health’ in product development.

4. What is the company’s expansion plans?

The company will base itself upon the home market first, since China is one of the globe’s largest economies. The domestic market was, and will still be our marketing focus in future.

Additionally, we will further develop our presence in the international market. Currently, our products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions via sales agents established in all continents. We still have a long way to go in global marketing, a huge yeast market overseas for us to explore.

Our marketing plans shall correspond with the globalisation trend gradually. Not only in terms of sales network, but more importantly, the company shall meet the conditions for total internationalisation development, including R&D, management, production and marketing.

At present, construction of the yeast plant in Egypt is most important for Angel Yeast. The Egypt project shall be a key milestone for us in achieving the goal as an international, professional yeast company.

5. What are the current challenges facing the company?

The challenges are mainly in three areas. Firstly, the growing cost for raw materials and energy. It is well known that yeast production costs increased sharply due to the global yeast capacity expansion and reduction of energy resources.

Secondly, the company is facing pressure from the increased valuation of the RMB currency. Lastly, we are faced with challenges in coping with the first overseas yeast plant construction in Egypt, and our global operations, as these are new areas for us.

6. What are the company’s plans to cope with this?

We have realised and understood the situation, and so preparations have been made to meet those challenges.

We will intensify our efforts in promoting new products. The brand influence will be further established in various ways, with multiple-business development and improved marketing.

Up-to-date technology, process & new materials shall also be put into operation, further reducing production costs through technological progress.

The company’s management and capital efficiency shall also be improved by incorporating tools such as SAP and CRM system into the daily operations.

7. What is the company’s forecast for 2010?

Angel Yeast business growth shall last continuously through the efforts both from market development and other aspects.


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