Aluminum-free youtiao Raising Agent


The traditional way of making youtiao use “white alum”. White alum is a compound salt , which contains many aluminum elements. Test proves that over-intake of aluminum has certain harm to human body.

This product applicable to fried Aluminum-free youtiao and other fried puffed food,is much better for our health.

Net weight: 20g/bag    250g/bag

Recommended amount: 2-4% of the amount of flour, no more than 5%

Shelf life: 12 months

YOUTIAO Ingredients


Aluminum-free Youtiao Raising Agent    

Salt                                                            6-7g

Sugar                                                                6g


Operation flow (see the picture):

1. Making dough—Mix all ingredients and make into dough;

2. Rest—cover the dough with preservative film and let it rest for 20mins

3. Kneading dough—knead for 2-3min, and place into preservative bag

4. Secondary resting—place (for secondary fermentation) at normal temperature or in refrigerator for 3-9h, shorter in summer, longer in winter.

5. Stretching—stretch into long strip, and press into long slice with hand

6. Shaping—cut to small pieces, take two pieces and overlap, press and shape with chopsticks or ruler

7.Maturing—stretch and put into 200 ℃ oil, fry till the color becomes golden yellow

20g of product can be used for about 10 pieces of Youtiao.

To make the color brighter , add a little sugar when making dough.




推荐使用量:面粉用量的2-4%,不得超过面粉用量的 5%





盐                            6g

糖                            6g

水                           300g

操作流程 (如图示):

1.  和面——将配方原料和成面团;

2.  静置——面团用保鲜膜盖好,静置 20分钟

3.  揉面——揉 2-3 分钟,用保鲜袋装好

4.  静置——常温或冷藏放置(饧面)3-9 个小时,夏天短,冬天长。

5.  拉条——拉长条,并用手按成长片状

6.  成形——切剂子,取两片叠压,用筷子或尺子压成型

7.  成熟——将剂子拉长,入200 ℃的油锅锅翻滚炸至金黄即可

20克产品可以做油条 10 根左右,为了便于上色,和面时候可以加入少许白糖。


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