Yeast knowledge




Name of yeast

     “yeast” 一词最早从古代印欧语系单词gist或 gyst演变而来,意思是沸腾、起泡沫,形象的描述了“酵母”这种物质为人们酿酒、发面所带来的作用和效果。


The word “yeast” from ancient Indo-European word “gist” or “gyst”, which means boiling, foaming. The word vividly describes the function and effect of the matter “yeast” in brewing and leaven dough.The Chinese characters “酵母” first appeared in the Song Dynasty in a Chinese book on brewing, which documented the method for collecting yeast from the surface of the liquid in the brewing jar with full fermentation, and the yeast microbe is called “酵”.


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