Yeast knowledge II


The outermost layer of yeast cell is the cell wall, which plays a major role in protecting the cell and is mainly composed of glucan and mannan.

       我们通过现代科技手段将细胞壁打开,得到酵母细胞的内容物质, 再经过酶解得到YE(酵母抽提物)。酵母抽提物含有蛋白质、多肽、氨基酸、核酸、B族维生素和微量元素等。

Through modern technology, we can open the cell wall to reach the inner content of a yeast cell, and then obtain YE (yeast extract) through zymolysis. Yeast extract contains proteins, peptides, amino acids, nucleic acids, B vitamins and microelements, etc.


       酵母有无性与有性生殖两种繁殖方式,酵母最普通的生长方式是通过芽殖或裂变的无性生殖。此种生殖方式是在母细胞上形成一个小芽或子细胞。母细胞的细胞核裂变成一个子细胞核并进入子细胞中, 芽则继续生长直至其从母细胞上分离出来并形成一个新细胞。

Mode of yeast reproduction

Yeast has two modes of reproduction: asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction, and the commonest growth mode of yeast is the asexual reproduction through budding or fission. A small bud or daughter cell will be formed on the mother cell in this reproduction. The nucleolus of mother cell becomes a daughter cell through fission and enters the daughter cell, and the bud keeps growing until it is separated from the mother cell and forms a new cell..


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