Angel, the Popular Brand in Gulf States


–Dubai Gulfood  Food Equipment

and Hotel Exhibition

Located at the corner of the Arabian Peninsula, known as “Hong Kong of the Middle East”, Dubai, is the financial and economic center of the whole Middle East. Due to the special geological position and economic trade advantage of Dubai, the Gulfood (and ingredient), food equipment and hotel exhibition becomes the largest and the most influential international food and hotel products exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa. The exhibition attracts a large number of world famous enterprises each year to participate. It is the fifth time for Angel Yeast to participate in the exhibition.

The exhibition attracted the exhibitors from 140 countries around the world. The Chinese exhibitor group is composed of more than 200 members from more than 100 enterprises. In the Chinese area, Angel booth is the largest and the only one with special decoration in the whole pavilion, being the most brilliant star in the whole Chinese exhibitor group.

The same as what we expected, on the first day of the exhibition, we ushered in a large number of customers. In the communication with these new and old friends, we knew that Angel products had enjoyed a high reputation in these regions. No matter whether it was in local staple food, or in the production of baking products, Angel  products would be used in large quantity.

In a few days after the exhibition, we visited two major industrial users of Angel in Dubai, one of which mainly implemented automatic production line. Their general manager told us that Angel products had high quality, convenient operation and high safety. The other customer adopted continuous process to produce Arab bread, as well as sweet bread and muffin cake. Workshop Chief Tariq that was guiding the production said while adding Angel yeast into the dough making cylinder: “Angel yeast, very good!”







    在展会结束后的几天里,我们一行还分别拜访了安琪在迪拜的两大工业用户。其中一家安琪用户主要实行自动化生产线。他们的总经理告诉我们安琪产品质量很好,操作简便、安全性高。而另一家客户采用连续生产工艺生产阿拉伯饼,另有甜面包和玛芬面包。正在指导生产的车间主任塔里克一边向打面缸中加安琪酵母一边说:“ANGEL YEAST, very good!”


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