Angel Yeast (Egypt) Co., Ltd. founded


The production layout of Angel Yeast become international. On April 6, 2010, Angel Company successfully obtained the land contract in BENI SWEIF Industrial Development Bureau Egypt, and the document and design requirement in the approval of construction license at the same time, which marked a great step towards the success of Angel in the project in Egypt. According to the general schedule. Angel’s Egypt project will kick off in Sep. 2010.


    安琪公司生产布局已开始走向国际化。2010年4月6日,安琪公司在埃及BENI SWEIF工业发展局拿到土地合同,并同时取得了BENI SWEIF 工业发展局批准施工许可需要的文件和设计要求。标志着安琪埃及项目成功迈进了一大步。根据埃及项目总计划进度,2010年9月份安琪埃及项目将破土动工。


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