ANGEL passed series of third-party audit

With the continuous development of Angel yeast extract in the international market, more and more famous international companies are interested in Angel’s yeast extract products . At the same time they made more strict requirement on the Angel yeast extract’s quality management .Many important customers appointed Professional third-party to audit quality management and social responsibility of Angel Yeast. Now we have passed SAI GLOBAL’s BRC audit, Silliker’s Food Safety & Quality Solutions audit, SGS’s SEDEX audit. In addition, the KFDA of South Korea also conducted an audit of the Yili factory, and Yili passed smoothly.

随着安琪酵母抽提物国际市场的不断发展,越来越多的国际知名用户开始青睐安琪公司的酵母抽提物产品,同时也对安琪酵母抽提物的产品品质提出了更高更严的要求。许多大客户通过第三方专业机构对公司宜昌和伊犁生产线进行了质量管理及社会责任道德等第三方审计。目前已经通过SAI GLOBAL公司执行的BRC审计、Silliker公司执行的Food Safety & Quality Solutions审计、SGS公司执行的SEDEX审计。此外,韩国KFDA还对我公司伊犁工厂进行了审计,并获得通过。


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