Angel participated in Vitafood, Switzerland

From May 18-20, 2010, Vitafood, the pageant of global nutritional food ingredient and the top grade European Finished Healthy Product Exhibition (FPE) was held in Geneva International Exhibition Center, Switzerland.

In this exhibition, Angel took the lead in promoting SMG product especially suitable for cosmetic field, and showed Angel nutritional and healthy food and ingredient, as well as the yeast extract to the global customers. These products represent the trend of world nutritional and healthy food and ingredients. The products keep in line with the world yeast industry, and some of them have overpassed the world level, which manifests the technology innovation strength of Angel.


2010年全球营养食品配料的盛会Vitafood 和欧洲顶级健康成品展(FPE) 5月18至20日在瑞士日内瓦国际会展中心举行,本次展会中,安琪公司在全球同行业中率先推出特别适用于化妆品领域的羧甲基酵母葡聚糖(SMG)产品,并向全球客户展示了安琪营养健康食品及配料和酵母抽提物。这些产品均代表了世界营养健康食品及配料发展的方向,与世界酵母行业保持同步,有些产品已经超过世界同行水平,彰显安琪公司的技术创新实力。


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