Angel participated in IBA


On October 3, 2009, IBA—the largest and the most profession-al bakery exhibition in the world was solemnly held in Dusseldorf, Germany. Angel Company independently formed a delegation and participated in IBA, and was the only Chinese company with the largest exhibition area that adopted field performance and all-round advertising promotion in all participating Chinese companies in this international pageant. At Angel booth, the Chinese style pastry and Asian seasoning bread attracted the overseas audiences who thumbed up and praised Angel from China.

IBA World Bread Competition is the top grade competition in the world bakery industry. Master baker Mr. Huang Dongfang from Angel Yeast  participated in this competition on behalf of China and won the fourth place.


  2009年10月3日, IBA–世界规模最大、最专业的烘焙展会在德国杜塞尔多夫隆重召开,安琪公司独立组团参加了IBA盛会,是参展中国公司中面积最大并唯一在这次国际盛会上采用现场演示制作和全方位广告宣传手段的中国公司。在安琪展位上,安琪公司演示的中式面点和亚洲调理面包,引起了海外观众的好奇与驻足,纷纷竖起大拇指称赞来自中国的angel。



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