Creating Healthy Life, Angel Walks with You Together

Food safety is a global topic, we are glad to find that more and more domestic and overseas users begin to select and gradually trust Angel product, which is a recognition on our advocated “natural, nutritional and healthy” product development idea.

We firmly believe that Angel will bring more value to the users. In the baking and fermented food field, “Baker Dream” series bakery materials developed by us focus more on health; Angel aluminum-free Youtiao raising agent also makes great contribution to eliminating “aluminum harm of Youtiao” in the food industry. The new type enzymic preparation product and the yeast source cosmetic material developed by Angel both stand at the forefront of the industry.Angel pays high attention to the development tendency of global food industry. The emerging salt reduction action and clean label system are very good opportunities to Angel. Angel is focusing on promoting YE material, which will become the favorite in the development of global food industry.

Household bakery is loved by more and more consumers, therefore, we have done a lot in this aspect. In recent years, Muffin cake premix, distiller’s yeast, aluminum-free Youtiao Raising agent, sachet packing yeast, etc. can make the consumers easily enjoy the fun of DIY at home.

User oriented, Angel always focuses on the user’s requirement and provides the best services. Since 2008, we have established Beijing Headquarters and Shanghai Headquarters, and established Baking and Fermenting Flour Food Technology Center, Chengdu Headquarters will be also completed within the year. These institutions that take the implementation of applied technology as the main task will further reduce the distance between Angel and the users.

I always believe that Angel is a responsible enterprise. Our concept—creating value for customers, will always be the motive power to promote the fast growth of Angel.

Never stop in pursuit for satisfaction, Angel can do more for you…


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